Baby it's Cold Outside

Baby it’s cold outside 


POV: you’ve got a Christmas party to go to or it’s New Year’s Eve and you know it’s really cold out there.


So, what’s a girl to wear?


You’ve got the perfect dress and now you need to add some warm outer layers. 


Get yourself a beautiful wool coat to start with. This can have personality. Or, it can be a basic that goes with everything. It’s up to you! Choose one that you absolutely love.


Invest in a cashmere scarf, leather gloves, and real leather knee-high boots.


My friend, you’ll be happy that you’re warm. And, as long as you choose stylish, long-wearing pieces that you love, you’ll be prepared every time the temperature drops below freezing. 

What to do when you go from 20 Below to Boiling


So it’s freezing outside and when you get to the party it’s going to be so darn hot in that restaurant with all those people and a fire roaring and champagne flowing.


So what do you wear this time?


This is one of those nights for layering.


You’re going to start with your adorable, sexy dress. Add a beautiful shawl that you can tie as a scarf for the trip to the party and then expand to a shawl if you need it. 


Throw on that wool dress coat or furry jacket that you’ve been waiting to wear. 


Finally, add your choice of leather gloves, ear warmers or leg warmers. This is a personal preference depending on what you need to go with your outfit, what you’re comfortable with wearing, and what you’ve got in your wardrobe.


You can strip things off as you need to! Have fun! 

But, what’s the dress code?


Sometimes we are get invited to a holiday party, and we have no idea what the dress code is. You don’t know whether people are going to dress up or dress down, and there’s no way of knowing. 


What’s a girl to do? 


The easiest way to get around this is to wear a monochromatic look. You’ll look great in all black, or a red or green tone of your choice. This makes it easy to wear pants or a dress and not look too dressed up or too casual in any situation. 


Add a shawl or scarf to add some style, sparkle, or dimension to the look. 


And lastly, put on some bold make up, just lips or eyes will do, not both. And, you can paint your nails for an added touch of color. Get to it!

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