Making Summer Cooking Easier

Whenever the weather gets really hot and humid, I just don't feel like cooking. Normally I love to cook, but when the weather is just so sticky, it just isn't something that I can get excited about.

Something that I can get excited about though, is a beautiful rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods that doesn't have any added salts or brines or other weird seasonings that are unnecessary and can cause a reaction. It is just organic chicken. So, this week I picked one up and I'm going to create a bunch of fun recipes out of the one chicken.

And of course, I will scrap the chicken and make broth to pop into the freezer for a later date. This makes it super easy to pull out and defrost and comes in handy when making a quick soup or risotto this summer.

If you'd like to follow along, the videos are available to you on Instagram or Facebook. Stop on over and say "hi" and let me know what your favorite use for rotisserie chicken is!

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